Malfridr, The Valkyrie of Haldirfrost

Only daughter of Raedwald Wolfslayer, Sister to Chief Raegenhir of Haldirfrost and Hjorvaldir Magnus


2nd Level Bardbarian (1 Bard 1 Barbarian)

STR:15 DEX:13 CON:13 INT:14 WIS:10 CHA:17

AC: 16

HP: 22

FORT: +4 REF: +3 WILL: +2

Deity: Gaea, Goddess of Earth and Nature

Feats: Extra Rage, Extra Performance

Class Abilities: Broken Bardic Knowledge (BBK), Bardic Performance: Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1, Fast Movement, Rage!

Skillz: Accrobatics + 1, Appraise + 2, Bluff + 7, Climb + 2, Diplomacy + 8, Disguise + 3, Escape Artist + 1, Handle Animal + 7, Intimidate + 8, Knowledge All + 2: (Local)+ 6 (Nature)+ 6 (nobility)+ 6, Linguistics + 6, Perception + 0, Perform: (string instrument)+ 9 (dancing)+ 3 (singing)+ 9, Ride + 5, Sense Motive + 4, Sleight of Hand + 1, Spellcraft + 6, Stealth + 1, Survival + 4, Swim + 2, Use Magical Device + 7

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven, Orc

Weapons: Masterwork Bastard Sword, Dagger,

Armor: Masterwork Scale Mail

Special Items:
Ancient Lyre of Brigid
Masterwork Lyre- The Lyre is an ancient family heirloom of the great Family Rae, it is believed to have been originally discovered within a ruin not far from the borders of the Skjoldelfr Forest (The Forest of Elven Shields) also known as The Great Wood. There are inscriptions running along the wooden frame of the instrument, to the chagrin of the village witches they do not know what language it is.



Malfridr is the second youngest of eight siblings and the only sister to the recently mantled Chief Raegenhir of Haldirfrost, son of Raedwald Wolfslayer, son of Tytila the Wilde, hero of the great battle of Svanhildr Moor against the tribe of Aethelferth. Of her seven brothers, only three remain alive: The eldest brother, Raegenhir, fourth eldest Magnus and, the youngest of all the siblings, Brander. Seventh eldest brother, Galinn, died from three arrows to the chest while defending Raegenhere during his coup to sieze control of the Chieftainship of the Haldirfrost tribe. During this same battle, third eldest, 16 year old Maltheus, Malfridr’s identical twin, was squire to his brother Raegenhir and perished by the sword. Sixth eldest, Tortryggr, died at the hands of a jealous suitor in competition to win the heart of a lady of Morden. Fifth eldest, Agamundr, perished on a hunting trip when a dire boar eviscerated him.

Malfridr was raised from an early age to become wife of a Family rival for diplomatic and alliance purposes. She has been schooled in a wide variety of arts, including musical instruments (particularly the Lyre harp), traditional forms of singing, traditional dance, Nova Kaaran burial ceremony, various strategy and games of chance, the art of conversation and poetry/storytelling. The recent years of strife, social upheaval and warring among the tribes has seen Malfridr well into her seventeenth year and not yet betrothed. As is tradition within the tribe, all able females are given limited fighting skills to defend the children and village elders when the men are at war. Malfridr’s brother, Magnus the clan Hjorvaldir, who is arguably the finest swordsman of the realm, has secretly been teaching more advanced combat techniques to her. Magnus perceives her interest as pure and harmless curiosity in the virtues of the Tribe, but never imagined the true influence his fighting skill has on his little sister.

Mal was always an intelligent, if not precocious, child and grew up questioning all the why’s and how’s of society and the world around her, much to the exasperation of her tutors and her eldest brother, who had inherited the head of the family when their father had died. Blossoming into womanhood only bolstered her tenacity and many heated discussions ensued with Raegenhir, who usually ended their arguments with physical force. Though she loves her brothers dearly, she cannot willingly endure a life of subservience as a concubine traded off to a tribal lord. It is her belief that the Goddess Gaea wishes her to choose her own destiny, her own path, even a path forbidden to her as a Nova Kaaranic woman. Mal desires to explore the wilds of the Valley of the Plains, test her clandestinely learned skills and, in turn, earn her right and reputation as a powerful and mighty warrior.

Now is the time of the Great Solstice Festival, when all the Tribes come together in peace and goodwill. Now is the time for Mal to make her move, enshrouded in the noise and gaiety of the Festival revelry. Venturing forth under cover of the new moon and a new name, The Valkyrie of Haldirfrost, (or, perhaps, just Mal if the locals are deemed “unfriendly,”) a young, strong-willed spirit seeks her destiny.

She wears her deceased twin brothers’ bronze scale armor, now adorned with animal furs, her platinum locks fall halfway down her back in two tribal braids. Pale blue eyes peer from under her ceremonial winged helm and fair skinned hands rest on the hilt of an unusually ornate bastard sword. Upon her back rests a small leather pack containing her prized possession, an ornate and antique Lyre, along with some stolen food and a blanket. Outwardly, she seems a confident and beautiful woman, out of place with her surroundings. Inside, she is both excited and terrified about the consequences of her decision and what the future holds for her.

Malfridrs’ Journal:
Day three of the Solstice Festival is upon us and I am ready to make my leap into the unknown this night under the darkness of the new moon, all the while the Grand Bardic steals everyone’s attention this eve. As I collected my possessions to travel with me, I have overheard chatter outside the tents that some gathering of great men has been commanded by the Council of Kings. Perhaps they are planning some contest of Champions. No matter, for on the morrow I shall be but a leaf upon the winds! I have all the equipment I should need to set out on my new life, including some food I have secreted from the cooking tents these past two nights. My lyres’ magic should be sufficient to disguise me as any commoner and my modest abilities to move about discretely will see my success tonight!
p. Early evening: I have heard more gossip and rumblings from the people. There are rumors that something wicked and sinister is afoot and the Council of Kings has gathered a party of the best and bravest of all the Tribes to set out and meet this dark foe. I cannot even imagine what this maleficence could be, but the wild imaginations of the commoners have speculated everything from ravaging plagues to a wrathful Gaea, releasing daemons upon us from within the bowels of the Great Mountains. Most likely there is some dire creature terrorizing fringe villages somewhere and they are being sent to hunt it down. What’ere the truth of this matter, I am suddenly intrigued and the wiley wheels in my mind are turning. Mayhaps I will follow this band of Champions and see for myself what trouble they are up to…

A Valkyrie’s Venture, Day One:
Last night was far more complicated than I had anticipated. During the Grand Bardic, my brother, Raegenhir, decided to call upon me to perform a ballad of blessing unto the group of Champions. This, of course, led to my presence being commanded to stay later and later as dancing and singing are what the Bardic is all about and I think Raegenhir wished to display my talents to all the gathered throng. It was nigh dawn before I was able to steal myself from my tent and out into the chill morning air. Thankfully, the meade and ale had flowed at the Bardic like the Great River in Springtime and no one will notice my absence until nearly noonday. Disguised as a Nova Kaaran commoner, I quickly made my way to the outskirts of the Festivals’ tent city, selected my vantage point beside a campfire surrounded by pleasantly snoring revelers and awaited the Champions to sally forth. Oh, this is going to be such fun!

I am beginning to think that the Mother Goddess intends to test me at every step! When the cheers and fanfare signaled the departure of the Champions, I readied myself casting a minor disguising spell upon my visage. As my features began to fade into those of a young, dark-haired lad in raggedy clothes, I saw them emerge from the tent city astride their HORSES! Damnable luck! There was no way I could procure such a beast without risking my plans, let alone know how to ride one in the chaotic Wilds. Despite this, I decided to put my meager skills of tracking to use this day. Now, as the first day of my great adventure comes to an end, I curse the tedious hours I wasted learning how to kiss the arse of nobles instead of hunting and tracking like the vast majority of young Nova Kaaran are taught. Night has fallen and here I sit beside a meager warming fire. I see no sign of the Champions. They have far outpaced me and are likely many leagues away. I only hope there is not rain in my future as that will erase any chance I have of following my marks any further. Now as I ready for rest, my second and most terrible mistake made this day has made itself evident. I am alone in the Wilds with no way to guard myself whilst I sleep. Adventuring requires a great deal of planning and forethought that I never knew existed. I intend to stay awake as long as possible this night and leave my fate to Gaea and pray I am alive in the morn. My ignorance and naïveté leaves me no choice.

A Valkyrie’s Venture, Day Two: Praise the Goddess! I am alive! I never imagined the simple act of going to sleep could be such a frightening concept! Blessed be, I am awoke by the dawn and unharmed. I will set out immediately and hope I may make good time this day. Before night falls, I shall find a secluded and defendable resting place to help my odds of survival this night!

Wonderous luck! While following the tracks along the road I encountered a small caravan of tardy festival-goers on their way to the Solstice Festival. I used every shred of allurement and grace to charm one Amryan traveller out of his horse for a handful of gold coin and the promise of free meade by merely mentioning the name of “The Valkyrie of Halldirfrost” to any tavernkeep. I have kept myself amused for hours this day thinking of the befuddled and incredulous looks the poor Amryan will undoubtledly receive for his kindness to me. I must remember his name, Corvus Corax, and make it up to him when I am a rich and powerful warlord! As a result of my good fortune and realization that some of my learned skills are not altogether useless as an adventuring Valkyrie, I have covered a much greater distance this day! Alas, I am sometimes not entirely sure I am still following the right set of horse tracks. The road I have been following is well used and one horseprint looks like all the others to me. I have been keeping close watch to the roadsides for any sign the Champions have diverged from the main road. As dusk approached, I found a small outcropping of volcanic rock jutting up from the soil like the spines of a dragon. I found the remains of a recent encampment among them and decided that if it was good enough for them, I would make it mine as well. With any luck this may well be where the Champions rested their first night out. I now ready for another night of unknown dangers under the awesome beauty of the clear, starlit sky and trust the senses of my new companion will alert me to any encroaching doom in the darkness. Gaea protect us both.

Malfridr, The Valkyrie of Haldirfrost

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