• Alyrian St. Jayne

    Alyrian St. Jayne

    A half demon/human paladin
  • Malcanthet


    Tall and slender with long, black hair and lightly tanned skin. Her dark brown eyes seem to carry a heavy burden within her soul.
  • Malfridr, The Valkyrie of Haldirfrost

    Malfridr, The Valkyrie of Haldirfrost

    Only daughter of Raedwald Wolfslayer, Sister to Chief Raegenhir of Haldirfrost and Hjorvaldir Magnus
  • Maris "Digger" Thistledown

    Maris "Digger" Thistledown

    Snarky and mischievous dark haired master of stealth and starting fights.
  • Mathias St. Jayne

    Mathias St. Jayne

    A tall, powerfully statured man with dark features wearing the tabard of a Paladin of Iomedae
  • Richter Morganis

    Richter Morganis

    The epitome of the bold, chivalrous, honorable and-a-bit-brash knight in shining armor. His best friend is his noble steed, Rommel.
  • Theryssana Frostpaw

    Theryssana Frostpaw

    Snow Leopard Catfolk Barbarian